Above Ground Pool from Intex since 2006, the company
that has brought the enjoyment of  backyard  swimming  
to millions of people around the world.
Our high quality,easy to assemble, durable pools are the  
BEST VALUE in the market.

Above Ground Pool  is  
only a fraction of the cost of an inbuilt pool. No messy
constructions, Ready in a day.

We carry the full range of accessories and  replacement
parts and our staffs can advice on  Pool Maintenance to
ensure your enjoyment long after your purchase.

We ship to Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak & Brunei
Better than the Propulsion System
- Swim endlessly
- Swim naturally (
no rough water or noisy propulsion)
- Swim at your own pace
(tension rope, no need to adjust flow rate, no electricals)
18x9ft Pool                                      32x16ft Formula 1 Sepang
32x16ft Water Aerobic                   24x12ft Marine fish
18x9ft Decked                              32x16ft  Homestay
Shop 010-26-45678
Shop 010-26-45678
Shop 010-26-45678
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