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    Diameter  x  Height      Pump capacity  Pool+FilterPump     
  •       8'         x     30"          330 gal/hr               RM 420          
  •      10'        x     30"          330 gal/hr               RM 560         
  •      12'        x     30"          530 gal/hr               RM 750         

All Easyset Pool includes Filter Pump, Video Instructions & repair Kits

Extra strength sidewalls are made with 3 separate layers of material which provides long lasting
strength and durability. Two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC are laminated to an inner layer of
polyester mesh for extra reinforcement

Setup as easy as 1-2-3

1. Spread out the pool in a level area

2. Inflate the top ring

3. Fill with water, pool walls rise with the water

Takes 2 people an average of 15 - 30 minutes
to get ready for water !
Requires to be installed on flat level ground

Convenient drain plug for easy draining
Easy to take down for storage.

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12 feet diameter
8 feet diameter
Easy Set Pool - Setup as Easy as 1-2-3
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