Rectangular Pools - Beauty, Strength & Flexibility
Nothing matches Intex Rectangular Pools - Best Value in the Market

Be the envy of the neighborhood with these Rectangular frame pool, an attractive addition to your
property. The larger Pools are ideal shape for games such as volleyball, low impact water aerobic exercise
and lap swimming and can make an efficient use of outdoor space but still demand a large, fun pool for a
great swimming experience !
  • Super-Touch sidewalls are triple strong. Made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength
    and durability. Two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC are laminated to an inner layer of polyester
    mesh for extra reinforcement
  • High quality galvanized steel piping that has been electrostatitically powder coated for years of
    maintenance free beauty and structural strength
  • Easy to assemble, no tools are needed only the air pump.


Takes 2 people an average of 60 - 120 minutes to get ready for water !
Requires to be installed on flat level ground
Convenient drain plug for easy draining
Can be taken down for storage

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15x7ft  Rectangular Pool                                       32x16ft  Rectangular Pool

Small Rectangular Pool    

Length   Width   Height                    Color         Price       
  •  5'    x     7'    x    24" (1.5x2.2m)    Blue     RM   480
  • 10'   x  6.5'    x    29" (3.0x2.0m)    Blue      RM   880
  • 15'   x     7'    x    33" (4.5x2.2m)    Blue     RM 1240

Add Cartridge Filter Pump for RM180/280
 Pool ladder for RM250       
 Maintenance Kits for
24x12ft 52"H Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool
32x16ft 52"H Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool
16x8ft 42"H Prism Frame Rectangular Pool
Rectangular Pool Setup Guide
Large Rectangular Poolset  

      Length  Width  Height                       Filter Pump              Color                Price           
  • 13'   x 6.5'  x   39" (4.0x2.0m)  Cartridge Filter      Light Blue         RM 3,000
  • 16'   x   8'   x   42" (4.9x2.4m)  Cartridge Filter      Light Blue         RM 3,800  
  • 16'   x 16'   x   48" (4.9x4.9m)  Cartridge Filter      Light Blue         RM 4,800
  • 18'   x   9'   x   52" (5.5x2.8m)     Sand Filter           Light Grey         RM 5,400
  • 24'   x 12'   x   52" (7.4x3.7m)     Sand Filter           Light Grey         RM 7,700
  • 32'   x 16'   x   52" (10 x5.0m)     Sand Filter           Light Grey        RM10.500

Poolset includes Pool Ladder, Maintenance kits, Pool Cover and Filter pump
     Sand Filter Pump for 18, 24, 32ft and Cartridge Filter Pump for 13 & 16ft

Delivery to East Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Singapore available
Pool Ground Selection
and Pool Water
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