Ultra Frame Rectangular Pools
Nothing matches Intex - Best Value in the Market

Be the envy of the neighborhood with these Rectangular
Ultra frame pools, an attractive addition to your property.
These  large  Pools  are ideal for  swimming,  pool party,
spot swim, low impact water aerobic and family fun time.
For businesses - homestay, swim lessons, clubs &
schools, multi-purpose water container
Rectangular Pool Setup Guide
Pool Ground
Pool Water
Large Ultra Frame Rectangular Pools

sizes :            18x9ft              24x12ft                32x16ft         
                5.5x2.7m            7.4x3.7m             10x5.0m        

capacity:    4500gal              8400gal             14300gal
                  17000L               32000L                55000L

height :     52",  1.3m
use for Boat Test
Sports event,
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Shop 010-26-45678