Tank for Fish - Hobbyist & Aqua Culture

Smart alternative to the bulky and expensive fiber glass.

Our Pool is suitable for Rearing Fish. It's inexpensive, durable, flexible, portable and can be
stored in small pack if not in use.

Hobbyist are using our Pool as tank to rear Koi fishes, some use it as quarantine tank and
some as secondary tank. It's practical and it makes a whole lot of senses and cents.

Hundreds have been installed by Fishery department for rural villages for commercial fish
farming (from Kelah to Catfish) and many more are in use by Marine Research and Aqua
Culture Companies for fish culture and as inexpensive large size tanks up to size of 32x16ft
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Small Rectangular Pool as Tank for Koi Fishes  
18x9ft Pool
24x12ft Pool
5x7ft Pool - Koi
15ft Round Metal Frame Pool